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Connecting over 28 million developers to the knowledge they need to do their jobs.

Founded by a team of software developers with a passion for improving developer productivity. Our mission is to connect over 28 million software developers to the knowledge they need to do their jobs.
When Zac & Seth (who are brothers) sat down in 2022 and discussed their biggest pain points at work, they discovered that the root their issues was that their teams didn't have the knowledge & documentation they needed to do their jobs.

At Joggr, we are building tools to make sure every developer in the world, always has up-to-date documentation at their finger tips.

“Without proper documentation, developers are left to fend for themselves.”

Seth Rosenbauer
ceo & co-founder

Meet the Founders

Seth Rosenbauer

chief executive officer & Co-founder
Seth spent the last decade working as a software engineer and manager with some of the top companies in the world. Seth most recently was the Head of Developer Platform at Clear and previously led the engineering practice at Kenway Consulting. Seth is fiercely committed to making sure every developer has the documentation they need to do their job.

Zac Rosenbauer

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
Zac brings over a decade of experience working in technology startups as an engineer, manager, and executive. Most recently, he was a Director of Engineering at FedEx Dataworks where his organization supported over 2k engineers. Before joining FedEx, he helped lead to an acquisition as the VP of Engineering. Zac leads our engineering practice but as a founder wears many hats (yes he's ran payroll before).

We believe RTFM is more than a funny acronym.

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